Firmware issue makes My Passport extremely slow

4 July 2014

Hard drive model: Western Digital MyPassport external hard drive- 1TB

Customer reported symptoms: It takes ages to show up on computer when plugging in, and sometimes it freezes the computer. Copying a single word document file can take up to 3 hours.

Data Requested: documents and photos

Assessment: Connected the hard drive to PC3000, run thorough all necessary tests, and find out that the firmware was damaged.

over 99%, when WD My Passport external hard drive becomes extreamly slow, it's all because of damged firmware. We have fixed this type of problem at least 50 times in past 3 months.

Issue Determined: Firmware damaged

Data Recovery Process: Our engineers firstly need to modify the damaged firmware to make the hard drive assessible again. The 2nd step is to image the drive when its firmware was repaired to ensure all data is securely backed up. Our engineers were able to retrieve all requested data from the imaged drive.

Result: all data requested on the drive has been recovered

Cost: $650

Turnaround: 1 week