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Dropped Hard Drive Making Clicking Noise

Client's work external hard drive was dropped and not deteced on computer, clicking sound can be heard. All working files (contracts, presetantion, ATO files) are on it.

MacBook Pro flashes question mark

The MacBook Pro was re-started and now the monitor only shows a flashing icon (file folder with a question mark) and the machine is not responding to any key strokes.

What's wrong with my hard drive?

This article helps you to find out what the problem your hard drive is encountering. Please be aware that it won't allow you to identify problems with 100% certainty, but it will help you understand the most common cases.

Hard drive stops spining after PCB was burnt, and critical company data is needed urgently

There was electrical surge last night in the small company and the hard drive in server was damaged, and whole business was being affected without being able to assess the data on server.

WD My Passport external hard drive appears extremely slow

It takes ages to show up on computer when plugging in, and sometimes it freezes the computer. Copying a single word document file can take up to 3 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile all videos deleted by kid

Kid accidently deleted all videos (3 years )on the Samsung smart phone, parent client was desperate as he did not have any backup. 24Hourh mobile phone data recovery engineers recovered all of them back within 3 days.