Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers regarding to hard drive or other data media data recovery. If you can not find answer here to your question, you are more than welcome to drop us a line (see the bottom part of this page) we will reply to within 24 hours.

At 24Hour Data Australia we know how critical your data is and have designed our procedures to produce the fast recovery times you need while still protecting your data. Once we complete the free examination and quote for you within 24 hours, we give you a more accurate time estimate based on the problem. We offer an Economy, Priority and Emergency Service based on your budget and how quickly you need the data back. We will give you all 3 options when we provide you with a quote. The time needed can range from 1 day up to 3-4 weeks depending on the problem. The average job at 24Hour Data Australia Recovery Perth takes 2-3 days for the most common problems.
Odd or abnormal noises (such as clicking, clunking, or whining) are a result of a drive failure usually physical damage or an indication of an impending drive failure.If you hear grinding, buzzing or clicking noises, stop using the device immediate and power it off as continually trying can cause the damage to hard drive heads or scratches of platters.Contact us immediately to an evaluation.
No data recovery company in the world can provide you a 100% guarantee as it is impossible to know what data can be recovered until we actually recover the data which is the very last stage of our work. For certain problems, once the problem is fixed the data should be in perfect condition without any risk of corruption (e.g a hard drive with a firmware corruption or a damaged PCB). For other problems, there is a risk of some data being corrupted (e.g a hard disk with many bad sectors or damaged heads with many read errors or deleted files that have been overwritten). In over 95% of cases, when the data is recovered our customers are happy with the result. In some cases, if there is data corruption, missing files, damaged files any other problems, we can try to repair individual files or try to improve the results if possible.
Yes. Just be sure to fill out our data recovery service form and put a printout of the confirmation page with your crashed hard drive. Please ensure you wrap your hard drive or other devices soundly.
Causes to hard disk failure can be various. Inappropriate use can cause the damage of file system (you receive a message "You need to format your hard drive before use it". Extreme temperature ((too hot, too cold, high humidity, electro-static discharge)can peotentially cause the physical damage. Others like computer viruses, OS crashes, operator error also can cause the loss of your data.
Stop using the device. Turn it off (unplug the power)and leave it turned off until we can examine it. For hard disk drive especially, the disk can become more badly damaged if you keep trying to use a hard disk that is faulty. Any attempts by friends, computer experts and IT professionals may damage the disk further which may prevent data recovery and increase the cost to have the data recovered.
Make sure when you remove the cable from your hard drive that you grip the hard plastic ends of the cables, do not just pull on the cable itself, this can damage the cable and drive. Never tap, hit or drop your hard drive. For more guidelines on how to safely handle your hard drive please read our safe drive handling page. Following these guidelines when handling your hard drive will dramatically increase the likelihood of a successful data recovery.
If the warranty seals have been broken, we will evaluate the case for you free of charge and call you with a price estimate of the recovery. If the platters have been visibly damaged during your attempt, you should save your money and do not send it. If it was a multi-platter drive and you attempted to remove the platters, you should save your money and do not send it.
We do not require an up-front payment (only for mechanical issue hard drives, attempt fee will be charged). If the data recovered is beyong usability you will not need to pay at all for what we have done.
No, your data will only be in our lab storage which is not connected to Internet, only our authorized engineer(s) can access it. Your data will be completed destroyed 3 days after you collect all your recovered data. Please see our Privacy Policyfor details.

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