The Most Trusted Data Recovery Expert.

 hard drive data recovery in Perth.
Hard Drives Data Recovery

With a team of specialists dedicated to staying ahead of the constantly changing environment of technology, you can be certain you are getting the highest quality data recovery at an affordable price.

RAID data recovery in Perth.
Raid Data Recovery

With years of experience in the data recovery field and qualified technicians working around the clock, we have the technical expertise to handle complex RAID data recoveries.

NAS data recovery in Perth.
NAS Data Recovery

NAS is exposed to failures and outages caused by numerous factors and resulting in loss of valuable information. Our NAS recovery engineers provide reliable and efficient solution to your failed NAS.

SSD data recovery in Perth.
SSD Data Recovery

Because of complexity of SSDs and significant variations in wear-leveling algorithms between manufacturers of SSDs, it's important to call data recovery experts with extensive experience with SSDs.

MAC data recovery in Perth.
MAC Data Recovery

Our Mac data recovery experts have more than 8 years experience working with Apple products, and have performed successful data recoveries on MacBook and iMac as well as other Apple devices.

photo data recovery in Perth.
Photos Recovery

Our data recovery specialists can access and extract photos from all digital camera memory cards that suffer data loss, we can help save the day, and your memories. Don't be too late to save your memory.

SSD data recovery in Perth.
External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Essentially your data still ends up being transferred to a hard disk drive or another storage media; which could potentially fail due to numerous circumstances.Losing your valuable data can be catastrophic.

MAC data recovery in Perth.
Laptop Data Recovery

Laptops are particularly susceptible to physical damage as well as problems that affect data integrity or result in data loss especially because of their portability. You can always trust us when in need.

photo data recovery in Perth.
Desktop PC Data Recovery

E-mail, system, disk, password and file recovery can usually be completed immediately. We have extensive data recovery experience to solve even the most challenging desktop data loss issues.

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As a trusted leader in data recovery, we know what it takes to quickly diagnose a data retrieval problem and develop a solution to solve it.

Our certified data recovery team specializes in hard drive data recovery, no matter your hard drive is mechanical damage or the data has become corrupted and needs a logical recovery. 24Hour Data Australia Recovery in Melbourne offers professional data recovery services for damaged or corrupted external hard drive of all types, makes and models.
24Hour Data Australia Recovery in Melbourne is a professional data recovery company that provides affordable, efficient data recovery services to individuals and businesses. If your hard drive or other media device has failed and you are not able to access your files, you can trust our team of experienced data recovery specialists to help you retrieve the data you need.
The 24Hour Data Australia Recovery in Melbourne lab is equipped to provide services to recover data lost due to any and all circumstances. Sometimes data is lost due to as simple a cause as accidental deletion of files. At other times a serious physical malady may have occurred to your hardware. Regardless of whether your problem is small or immense our Boston service center is ready to offer technical skills and expertise for Data Recovery from Hard Drives, Data Recovery from RAID Servers, Recovery from Laptop Computer drives, simple file recovery such as is needed to recover lost emails or complex data recovery such as is required to find and restore partitions is a Windows file system.

What Our Customers Think

Imagine losing all your school video history... seven years... Gone! 24Hour Data Australia delivered! Thank you. That sick feeling in my stomach has now gone.

Gavin NancarrowPrinciple of Kalamunda Christian School

Really happy with the service provided - was very easy and Aaron from 24Hour Data Australia Recovery was very good. They got all my data back, cheaply and best thing was that it didn't end up breaking my Seagate warranty. Thanks guys.

Kane Joseph Project Accountant

24Hour Data recovery is a excellent service that is quick and effective at what they do. They responded very fast to my emails and are very helpful. I highly recommend them.

Brook WellsMining Egineer

Would certainly recommend to my friends and family. If I have any further problems they will be on the top of my list. Cheaper then anyone else out there and also quick, only took two days and they were able to recover all my data.

Trent McIlroyIT Consultant