Hard drive data recovery is our speciality

Hard drive failures come from a wide array of circumstances, Our data recovery experts have categorized hard drive failures in 4 main ways: Logical failure, Firmware failure, electrical and Mechanical damage. Each issue has a different level of severity, and method to recover the data. 24Hour Data Australia Recovery in Melbourne's professional hard drive data recovery team can perform hard Drive recoveries on all types of hard drives. With a team of specialists dedicated to staying ahead of the constantly changing environment of technology, you can be certain you are getting the highest quality data recovery at an affordable price.

Logical Failure

Logical failures happen instances like through file system corruption, bad data sectors, viruses and malware, accidental deletion of files, or formatting of the wrong drive or partition.

reformatted hard drive data recovery in Melbourne
recover formatted hard drive
hard drive logical issue

"I have been using this external hard drive on my PC, and also connecting it to TV to for some shows. And now when I plug it onto computer it asks me to reformat the drive before I can use it. What's wrong with my external hard drive?"

This is most likely that the hard drive has file system corrupted. When a hard drive is used in different operation system constantly, it tends to have the file system corrupted. The drive is usually operating normally as the manufacturer intended and can be recognized by the computer, but data is inaccessible because the file system is damaged.

Logical data recovery costs: $385-$550

Firmware Issue

Just like all other electrical devices, hard drive has its own firmware (simply a firmware is the device's operating system). Without the healthy firmware, a hard drive will not be able to operate normally.

hard drive firmware corrupted
hard drive corrupted firmware
hard drive firmware repair

"My hard drive shows up on computer but I can't see any files or folders."

These symptoms can indicate that the hard drive has firmware damaged, and of course it can be other issues as well. We have a team specialize in firmware repair in 24Hour Data Australia Recovery in Melbourne recovery lab.By using our right tools with professional knowledge, hard drive with damaged firmware can be recovered within 1-3 days.

Firmware Damaged data recovery costs: $650

Mechanical Failure

Hard drive mechanical issue means that any of the moving parts inside hard drive has damaged. The sensitive internal components include read/write heads, actuator arms, spindle motors or platters.

When mechanical issue occurs, it normally produces some strange noise such as clicking, clucking, whining etc. , or it appears "Dead", not detected by system BIOS. The most common causes to physical failures are overheating, dropping, mishandling and power surge.

hard drive data recovery in Melbourne
hard drive heads damage
hard drive heads replacement

"My hard drive was dropped, and it makes some strange noise when it's powered, and my computer can not detect it."

The hard drive is most likely having a mechanical damage. To recover a physical/mechanical damaged hard drive, the damaged internal parts/components are to be replaced. Mostly the data can be recovered, but when the platter(s) is/are scratched, data will be unrecoverable.

Physical Damaged hard drive data recovery cost: $1200-$2500

Electrical Failure

Electrical hard drive failures usually happen when a computer or drive enclosure is subjected to a sudden power surge and high voltage bypasses the computer or enclosure circuits to also damage the hard drives own printed circuit board (PCB) rendering it undetectable by the system BIOS.

Hard drive PCB burnt
Hard drive PCB ROM swap
Hard drive PCB swap

"There was storm and I got a black out in my house last night, and this morning I found my hard drive not working."

This is most likely that the hard drive has electrical failures, either the hard drive's PCB or the enclosure circuits is damaged. Our data recovery engineers in Melbourne suggest that signs for electrical problems are usually the drive not being recognized by the computer and/or not spinning at all. There may even be noticeable signs of burnt components on the PCB underside of the hard drive.

Damaged PCB data recovery costs: $550

We deal with over 1000 hard drives a year:

  • File System Corruption
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Hard disk not detected
  • Unable to access any data
  • Deleted files/Reformatted hard disk
  • Damaged partition table
  • Damages in partition data structures
  • Partition is formatted or deleted etc
  • HDD initialization issues
  • Read forward and backward
  • Read ahead (cash function) disabling

We are specialized in recovering DEAD hard drives:

  • HDD is not detected in BIOS
  • HDD is detected by vendor's name
  • HDD is detected by 0 Gb capacity
  • Service modules are corrupted
  • Translation system is damaged
  • SMART,Logs overflow
  • Multiple BAD-sectors
  • Some heads are damaged
  • "Knocking sound"
  • Spindle is not rotated
  • PCB is damaged
  • HDD has problems with PCB and HDA compatibility
  • HDD locked passwords
  • and much more

We successfully recover data from all manufacturers including:

  • Seagate Data Recovery
  • Western Digital Data Recovery
  • Maxtor Data Recovery
  • Hitachi Data Recovery
  • Fujitsu Data Recovery
  • Toshiba Data Recovery
  • Samsung Data Recovery
  • IBM Data Recovery

We deal with all different operating systems including:

  • Miccrosoft Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux/Unix
  • Virtual Machines (VMware, Citrix, Sun, etc.)